It's a brand new year and many of you have vowed to make a change for the better. Beyond mixing up diet and exercise routines, the Blue Zones Project Fort Worth invites you to adopt better lifestyles habits after some of the healthiest (and happiest) parts of the world.

More than 8,300 individuals who live, work, and play in Fort Worth have taken the personal pledge since the project kicked off in February 2015. Promoting habits of regions with higher levels of happiness, reduced rates of chronic diseases, and greater numbers of people reaching age 100, who wouldn't want to sign up?

Those who pledge agree to become familiar with Blue Zones Project principles; take the Vitality Compass to get a personal lifespan estimate and tips to live a longer, better life; and participate in one Blue Zones Project event.

Participants also select five or more actions among 13 outlined in the Blue Zones Personal Checklist. Some of these changes include eliminating electronic distractions, such as televisions and computers, in the bedroom; building a social circle that supports positive behaviors; and designating a space in the home for quiet time, meditation, or prayer. These small changes can have a big impact on well-being.

Interested in learning which restaurants, grocery stores, worksites and schools have taken the pledge? Find out here.



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