National Travel and Tourism Week is America's annual salute to industry. Each year city's around the country promote the impactful contributions their travel markets and organizations make to the U.S. economy through public events and social dialogues. 

This year, we took to the people who know the city of Fort Worth's travel scene best - a handful of the 19,350 citizens employed by it! Here's what they had to say about travel and Fort Worth:

1. What is your favorite thing about travel?

Tom Martens, Art Director and Local Music Guru
"Experiencing a new destination with all the customs and traditions that make it unique."  

Paola Bowman, Event Sales and Services Manager 
"My favorite thing about travel is making memories with family while discovering new sights and people!" 


Mitch Whitten, VP Marketing Communications
"Travel is one my favorite ways to recharge and refresh. It also brings the world closer together. It gives us the opportunity to meet people different from ourselves. As Harper Lee's immortal character Atticus Finch says in To Kill a Mockingbird, "you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes." Travel - especially when we go off the beaten path - helps us experience unfamiliar places and add that to our understanding of the world."


Heather Huhn, Convention Services Manager 
"My favorite thing about travel is experiencing life as a local. I love finding a local coffee shop or outdoor setting to people-watch and really take in the culture of a city."


Charlene Burdorf, Volunteer  
"Seeing how other people live and getting to know individuals in their surrounding area."


Josh Dill, Director of Sports Marketing
"Growing up in a small town, traveling was the only way to truly understand the rest of the world. It provides perspective, which allows me to be more understanding and accepting of others. You can't be a well-rounded person if you never experience anything other than what you have always known."


Cissy Nixon, Marketing Coordinator
"Experiencing new activities and learning about the area, meeting local people and eating local food and wine!" 


Bob Jameson, President and CEO of Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau
"When you are made to feel so welcome in a place that is new to you..."


Chris Spinks, Director of Marketing at Billy Bob's Texas
"I love discovering new cultures and meeting new people. I was blown away when Billy Bob's traveled to Italy earlier this year and the people there loved western culture. Everyone was soo excited to have country music and dancing in Italy, but at the same time, welcomed us into their culture and showed us all of the wonderful things about Italy."

2. What makes Fort Worth the best travel destination in Texas?

Tom Martens, Art Director and Local Music Guru
"It's the Texas You Want - western heritage, world-class museums, outstanding live music scene & emerging culinary offerings. The mix of cowboys and culture make Fort Worth the best travel destination!"


Stephanie Garcia, Convention Services Coordinator
"Fort Worth is a one-stop shop that offers all the best of Texas. I enjoy taking my family to the Fort Worth Stockyards. There, you're able to bring out your inner cowboy and enjoy a true western experience. From brick paved roads to the twice daily cattle drive, walking tours, and a stop in for a delectable steak or barbeque; everyone in your family will leave satisfied. But, we're not all Western."

In the Cultural District we have six world famous museums, a very modern Downtown, an eclectic live music scene in the Near Southside area with some of the best local restaurants and local brews." 

Heather Huhn, Convention Services Manager
"The diversity of attractions and the people are what make Fort Worth the best travel destination in Texas. I never get tired of hearing visitors say how extremely friendly everyone is. Every positive encounter just reaffirms how great this city is."


Josh Dill, Director of Sports Marketing
"It's a good representation of the idea of Texas that most people have in their head, but it still surprises you. It has all the amenities of a major city with the conveniences and attitude of a small town."


Gail McKelvey, Volunteer
"Ohhhh, the Cultural District! There is so much there with all the museums and the Fort Worth Zoo is absolutely great!" 


Andrea Timbes, CRM Analyst
"Fort Worth rocks and has a lot of history. You have everything under one umbrella - culture, meetings and leisure. Not to mention Fort Worth is a sister city to Trier, which is 30 min. from where my family lives in Germany." 


Bob Jameson, President and CEO of Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau
A few of my favorite quotes from fellow visitors to the city include,

"Fort Worth is unpretentious, laid back and charismatic in all the right ways." And "Fort Worth is every right-thinking Texan's home-away-from-home."

Andra Bennett, VP Communications Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce 
"From a visitor's perspective and as someone who works downtown, I appreciate the fact that downtown is pretty much a tic-tac-toe board. Streets are parallel and perpendicular, so there's not much chance of getting thrown a curve and winding up lost. The sidewalks are clean with beautiful flowers, and the LED-lit trees are magical at night. And you know you're safe and you're definitely in Fort Worth when you see the mounted patrol keeping a watchful eye." 


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PC: Joseph Haubert