If you want some good Mexican food, stick to the north side, near Joe T's, but try El Asadero Mexican Steakhouse on North Main Street near the Stockyards National Historic District.  It is family owned and specializes in steaks, fajitas, enchiladas, and seafood.  The Villarreal family cooking style comes from northern Mexico.  It was first opened in 1982 and has enjoyed serving its patrons for over 20 years! 

One of the best hamburgers in Fort Worth is Fred's Texas Cafe located near the Fort Worth Museums in the middle of the massive growth area off of West 7th Street.  It remains as it was in all of its iconic and grubby glory.  A great variety of burgers and the fries are amazing!  The patio has been enhanced and people are always having a good time.  Fred's keeps getting better and better...so Fort Worthian!

Off the beaten path is Chadra Mezza & Grill, 1622 Park Place Ave.   In the northern Lebanese village of Chadra, dining is a celebration of life! This is an example of Southern Hospitality with a Mediterranean flavor! Excellent lunch buffet.

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