Come take a trip down the Nile in the Omni Theater at one of Fort Worth Museums in the Cultural District- The Fort Worth Museum Science and History!

For thousands of years, man has been drawn to the Nile, known as “the Mt. Everest of rivers.” The quest to find its source consumed early explorers. When the source was finally discovered, the next great quest was to navigate the mighty river in a single expedition from beginning to end. Astonishingly, this epic journey eluded humankind for centuries.

On April 28, 2004, a team of intrepid explorers, led by expedition leader Pasquale Scaturro and his partner Gordon Brown, became the first in history to conquer all 3,260 miles of the world’s greatest river in a single descent from its source in the Ethiopian highlands to the Mediterranean Sea. The story of their exciting journey is recounted in McGillivray Freeman’s MYSTERY OF THE NILE, returning to the Omni Theater, an IMAX dome, on October 23, 2010.

On October 24, 2010 through January 3, 2011 be sure and take in the special exhibit, "Lost Egypt:  Ancient Secrets, Modern Science which includes exhibits of artifacts from the Museum of Science and History's collection of Egyptian objects.

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