Intentionally observed as a day of remembrance for those who have died for our nation's service, Memorial Day is often confused with the acts of swimming, laying, tubing, sleeping, or enjoying a day off poolside.

When you are living in historic Fort Worth, it is easy to be reminded of all those who served for our country. Fort Worth’s history is evident in all aspects of life As I drove past my downtown office on my day off, I could not help but notice in awe and appreciate the sense of patriotism that was felt in Fort Worth: The entire Downtown Fort Worth & Sundance Square, West 7th and University area were lined with flag poles that held our beautiful country's flags that blew gracefully in the wind. I was so proud to see this and to be living in such a place that appreciated our nation’s soldiers and their work they do for our country. Monday was a day that we keep those soldiers' memories in our hearts.  Everyday should be a day that we are grateful for Fort Worth as a wonderful place to live and visit !