Since a little boy, I have always been very close to my family. My family always made sure that I would be part of this traditional celebration and educated me on it. Now as an adult and as an artist, it fills me with pleasure to be able to show people all over the world about this wonderful tradition.

Day of the Dead teaches all of us how to keep the memory alive of our deceased loved ones. That’s why most of my art and sculptures are always in memory and tribute to my deceased mother. She will always continue to be by my side in spirit, but always guides me and inspires me from her new home in heaven to create and share with you all from the bottom of my heart my beloved art. Day of the dead should never be a sad celebration; it should be full of happy memories and be a party celebration to remember our loved ones as if they were still here, enjoy their favorite music, colors, and foods. In fewer words, Day of the Dead is a celebration of life.

Remember, every Day of the Dead your loved ones join you all in spirit and get to party with you, watch over you, and they are grateful that you remembered them, what they liked, how they were just as they used to be when they were alive. Introducing My Catrina’s Sculptures to you all.


Frida – My first creation and first of its kind to be displayed in a sitting position, for people to admire and take their memory photo with her.

Francisca Sanchez - In honor to my grandmother, she wears her favorite shade of pink dress and is always full of jewelry.

La Covid – Vintaged nurse dedicated to all those heroes in the medical field for all their hard work and efforts to keep us all safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is also holding a world without frontiers, because Covid-19 hit us all the same, no matter what color, religion or race we were. 

Mayan Princes – In honor to the Mayan culture, carries a beautiful bluebird, and a vintage Mayan banner on one side representing Water symbol and on the other the Earth symbol.

Sun Set – This Catrina with the cactus headpiece and the beautiful sunset painted on her dress carrying the body of a deceased baby deer, in honor to our mother nature and animals.

Reyna Catrina – Carrying a beautiful gold crown and wearing a beautiful yellow dress, represents my wishes of joy, and happiness to every single one of you.

Celeste Catrina – Dressed in a light blue dress and a large floral hat, represents a brand-new day. A day with our loved ones in a spirit form and they will always keep us company and always make our lives bright like the light blue sky.

Mother Tree – Catrina honoring my mother and every mother in the world. My mother was a great example of a strong woman just like a tree. By herself she raised 4 kids all on her own by working two jobs, and it didn’t matter to her how hard and difficult it was sometimes to put food at our dinner table. Now as an adult I understand that when my mother used to tell us that she was not hungry and asked us kids to eat instead, it really meant that she went to bed hungry that night so that we wouldn’t. This Catrina is carrying and protecting 4 red birds in her hands that represent my siblings and me. All the other red birds around her head represent how she always care for even our friends and other family members. Her name is engraved on the side of her trunk shape body inside of a heart. It reads “Eli” short nick name for my mother’s full name “Elide”.

About Miguel Martin

Martin's art has appeared in various expositions, including The Pavilion Gallery in Downtown Fort Worth, El Mercado Día De Los Muertos in Dallas TX, Mexican Council of Dallas TX and the Mundo Latino in the Women’s Museum Located in the TX State Fair.

Martin has appeared on TV stations in Dallas/FortWorth and Los Angeles. A Documentary about his Catrina Sculptures and passion for Day of the Dead, Paper Mache Catrinas with a Heart was awarded an Emmy in 2019. Martin has again been nominated for his art and Covid-19 inspired Catrina for 2021.