Whether you’re visiting Fort Worth on a per diem budget or you’re just wanting to get a little more for your money, we have some suggestions for how to eat more and spend less!  


Boopa’s Bagel Deli  is open every morning by 6 a.m. A bagel with shmear (flavored or plain cream cheese) will run you less than $4. If you want a Boopalache (it’s like a kolache, only with a bagel wrapping the sausage), that’s less than $2.

La Playa Maya offers a pantheon of coastal and central Mexican goodness: ceviche, carne asada, really good seafood enchiladas or fajitas, along with a Maya-rita, beer or horchata. Yes, you’ve had Mexican food twice today, but you’re in the Stockyards, and that’s fine.

Esperanza's Mexican Cafe and Bakery is perfect fro grab-and-go. Order one of the many pan dulces available and be on your merry way. If you have time to sit down, the breakfast plates are larger than your head and less than $10.

Total $35-40


East Fort Worth

It’s hard to miss the purple building housing Taqueria Tepito (1104 Miller Ave). The menu at Tepito’s is full of inexpensive street tacos –– thick corn tortillas filled with lengua, carne asada or tripas, sold individually at about $1.50 a piece or in a plate with rice and beans for under $7. Add a Jarritos soda or a Mexican Coca-Cola for about $2.

Enchiladas Olé owner Mary Perez left her career in the corporate and local government world to sell her enchilada sauce at grocery stores. Two lunch enchiladas or a taco and an enchilada with sides will run you $11.25.

Mariachi's Dine-In houses in an old gas station across the way from Martin House Brewing Co. Street-style tacos, hamburgers, tortas and burritos fill the menu. Bonus: there is an entire vegan menu available as well. 

Because you did well with budgeting today, you can also have treat at Gypsy Scoops For about $4 you can get a scoop of Wookie’s Cookies (a cinnamon ice cream with pieces of oatmeal cookie and chocolate chunks), Gypsy Bride (a take on the flavor of Italian wedding cake, with chocolate chips and pieces of cake in vanilla ice cream), or any of the seasonal flavors.

Total: $35

Please note that the prices are given as listed on the restaurants’ social media sites, and that the suggestions don’t include tips for servers –– please don’t forget tip Fort Worth’s hard-working service staff!