Even though the temperatures are still in the mid-80s, there’s nothing like the prospect of fall to make us crave pumpkin pie spiced with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. While Starbucks may have pioneered the pumpkin spice latte 13 years ago, the uber-coffee chain hasn’t cornered the market on all things pumpkin.

Here are a few suggestions for PSLs and more. Unfortunately, most of these treats will vanish by Black Friday, so make the best of the pumpkin spice while it’s here!

  1. Brewed tops the list with their proprietary PSL blend. You can watch the video below. But why try to make it yourself when the barista will make you a PSL with a pumpkin face in the foam?

    PSL Brewed
    PC: Courtesy of Brewed
  2. Buon Giorno‘s PSL is made a real with a special homemade pumpkin mix created by store employee Courtney Reed, who says that the traditional syrups didn’t capture the creaminess and depth of flavor she had in mind for her PSL. Reed tested out several brands of pumpkin, finally settling on an organic variety she mixes in small batches with fresh, whole spices. The end result: a smooth, slightly earthy and warm taste with a lingering touch of nutmeg. The coffee shop also offers a cinnamon cider and a caramel cider in case you don’t want coffee. 

    Buon Giorno Coffee
    PC: Courtesy of Buon Giorno
  3. Casablanca Coffee offers a treasure trove of unusual fall flavors. In addition to the house-made PSL, you’ll find a creamy latte brûlée (think crème brûlée creamy-smoothness with a little caramel sweetness). The lovely, locally-owned, breakfast-and-lunch only coffee shop also has a Miel latte – honey and cinnamon swirled in creamy coffee. C’est ci bon!
  4. World Blend offers a PSL (espresso with steamed milk and pumpkin spice, topped with cinnamon sprinkles). But they also offer an Autumn Spice latte (flavored with brown sugar and gingerbread syrup), a cinnamon dolce (caramel sauce and cinnamon in the mix), a snicker doodle (vanilla and hazelnut syrup with cinnamon sprinkles) and a pecan pie latte – who knew there was pecan pie-flavored syrup?

Other places to get a Pumpkin Spiced something

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a PSL and a salted caramel beverage, served hot or frozen. Did we mention it’s still in the mid-80s? An iced PSL might be good, especially coupled with a pumpkin muffin or pumpkin donut.

Arby’s pumpkin cheesecake shake offers “all the flavors of fall,” according to their website: pumpkin, the tartness of cheesecake, and a hint of graham cracker flavor. The actual product is pretty good –– heavy on the allspice, not so heavy on the graham cracker.

Even Bahama Buck’s is getting into the seasonal spirit. The shaved ice franchise offers Candy Corn and Smashing Pumpkin snow cone flavors, and a PSL “frostalatte” (their version of a coffee frappe).