aI'd like to think that I know things first because of where I work; however, I was surprised to hear from my dad that one of his favorite artists was going to be at the Amon Carter soon and I had no idea! 

On February 11th, The Amon Cater Museum of American Art will unveil their newest exhibition “Romance Maker: The Watercolors of Charles M. Russell". More than 100 of the finest and best-preserved watercolors by Russell will be featured in this never before seen exhibit. The exhibit will be at the Carter until May 13th.

The Amon Carter Museum is super family friendly and not only is it free year round, but on Sunday, February 12, they will be hosting Family Fun Day from 1-4pm. No reservations required. Families will be able to explore artworks in the galleries, and make your own masterpieces for loved ones. It is sure to be a fun time for the entire family.

If Valentines isn’t your forte, don’t rule out visiting the Amon Carter! Open Tuesday – Sunday year round (excluding major holidays) this museum always has free parking, admission and amazing works of art! For more information about museums in Fort Worth, Click Here