I am currently on a world trip for a fishing scholarship awarded to me by Nuffield Australia. This scholarship has allowed me to travel through Europe and the Americas to look into different fishing methods. It is through this that I made my way to Fort Worth as it was a stop I needed to make on the One World Alliance round the world ticket.  As an Australian, when I think of Texas, I think of cowboys, and that was the stimulus to stop for more than just a connecting flight into Dallas-Fort Worth, and I am glad that I made this stop as we thoroughly enjoyed our time in this place.
My fiancé and I spent 2 full days in the Historic Stockyards and I was blown away. The place was unlike anything I have experienced before - the hospitality, the history and the cowboy way of life was something I will never forget.  We arrived late on a Friday night, staying at the Hyatt Place and made the decision to quickly check out the atmosphere on the strip before going to bed. We only made it as far as the Love Shack and with some great live music and extremely cheap beer we ended up staying for a couple of hours. 
The next day we ventured out to tour the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, a state of the art venue with the biggest TV screens I have ever seen. For lunch we headed back to the Stockyards at Riscky's BBQ and were supplied with a feast of ribs and wings which did not disappoint.
At 11:30am and 4pm in the Stockyards, the street closes down for the Cattle Drive which happens twice daily and you get to see a herd of Texas Longhorns being herded by Texan cowboys - very cool.We ended our trip with the Saturday night Rodeo which was very entertaining. Even for someone that has never seen a rodeo before, each event was explained and it was easy to follow what was going on.
Thanks to Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau for inviting me to write a guest post for this blog and hopefully it will inspire others to visit this fascinating place.


-Rhys Arangio