If you’re anything like me, you might be looking for something to kick yourself into shape this fall after a summer filled with celebrating Fort Worth Nightlife and very few days that included work outs at the gym. After watching re-runs of the hit show, ‘The Biggest Loser’ and checking out Jillian Michael’s new show, ‘Losing it with Jillian’, it’s hard to ignore the common theme around American television of shedding pounds and staying fit.  

Fort Worth’s Event, the Cowtown Marathon is celebrating its 33rd year in 2011 and with training and hard work, there’s no better way to get into shape. In the City of Cowboys, Cowtown is welcoming runners from all over the nation, many foreign countries and of all ages. Of Fort Worth Kids Events, running in the Cowtown Marathon ranks high on my list. 

Presented by the UNT Health Sciences Center, the marathon offers a wide range of activities for runners of all skill levels. From the kids 5k to the ultra marathon, there really is something for all ages. Getting geared up for a marathon is of course time consuming, but it is a great goal to set with friends and family that can be fun and well worth it to get you into shape!

The Cowtown marathon is this February 26 and 27th, so it’s an ideal date to shoot for when training for a marathon. You can start now, get going and maybe even impress yourself. Do something smart for your health and feel good doing it! For more information and to register: visit www.cowtownmarathon.org.  For more information on exciting Fort Worth Events visit www.fortworth.com.