With such preserved history, Fort Worth is often visited for it's historical western heritage and Cowtown culture. In honor of Halloween, we wanted to share some of Fort Worth's claimed haunted sites.
You can imagine spooky activity going on the Stockyards National Historic District simply because it looks and feels as if you've stepped back into time during the 1800s. Nearly every building in the historic Stockyards houses some sort of ghost story, but sightings include hauntings at The Maverick and General Store of a ghostly woman leaving roses upstairs, ghostly apparitions at the former bordello, Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast, and of course, the old Spaghetti Warehouse building with at least four reported ghost sightings including an old cowboy that throws glassware and pushes over stools.

pioneersJust north of Downtown Fort Worth, previously referred to as Hell's Half Acre during the nineteenth century, you can find many spooky sights such as Pioneer's Rest cemetery. With stones dating back to the early 1800s, you feel as if your walking around the main streets during Fort Worth's 'Hell's Half Acre' days with the famous people who made history during that time of the old Wild West. Also along Samuels Avenue, you can check out the Garvey-Veihl House, which was originally occupied by early Fort Worth wealthy landowner, Baldwin L. Samue during the mid-1800s. The house was abandoned in 1972 for some time until it was saved and eventually renovated. The house represents one of the original grand homes that lined the famous Samuels Avenue at the turn of the century. As you look at the house, you can't help but feel a crisp chill as you imagine the hundreds of years of history that took place on the property.

You may have driven down University drive as you pass through Fort Worth Cultural District and wondered about the haunts of the Log Cabin Village located near TCU. The Log Cabin Village is an entire living history museum devoted to the preservation of Texas heritage. There has been reports of ghostly presences in an upstairs bedroom as well as a female apparition reported in the Foster Cabin. Happy Halloween and Happy Haunting Fort Worth!