There are many reasons Fort Worth is a top destination for meetings and events. But beyond the world-class venues and hotels, as a planner, it's important to know that caring experts are working alongside you to make the convention or event a success.

That's where the Visit Fort Worth Services Team comes in. A passionate group of individuals determined to showcase the best of the city while helping clients visualize and plan their events; from city wide conventions, corporate and sporting events, to reunions. While I could tell you that our award winning team has over 40 years of combined experience (which is true), that's no fun! Meet the people "behind the cape" that make Fort Worth events go off without a hitch:

Nannette Eiland
Nannette Eiland - @eilandgirl724
"Love all things Fort Worth."

Nannette was raised in a career military family. She has traveled the world and is now happy to call Fort Worth home. With a 25+ year career in Hospitality including entertainment, event management, hotel operations and marketing, Nannette is a proud to lead the convention services team.

Favorite Fort Worth restaurant: Grace

Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys
Services Super Power: Adaptability

Favorite Happy Hour spot: Cantina Laredo

Go-to place for best shopping: Hulen Mall 

Favorite music: Love to mix it up - Christian, light rock/pop, blues
Favorite Fort Worth Hidden Gem: Avoca Coffee (Near Southside)


Heather Huhn
Heather Huhn - @HeatherFWTX
"Passionate about all things Texan, especially Fort Worth, Texas Rangers, and Texas Tech. Proud to represent the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau."

Heather set her sights on the hospitality industry at an early age and obtained a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management from Texas Tech University.  With a focus on client relationships and promoting the things that make Fort Worth "Where the West Begins," Heather is an ambassador for her city's incredible hospitality.  She is passionate about all things Texan and spends free time at the lake with family or cheering on the Texas Rangers.

Favorite Fort Worth restaurant: Ellerbe Fine Foods

Favorite sports team: Texas Tech and Texas Rangers

Services Super Power: Pulling together last-minute details and finalizing the logistics

Favorite Happy Hour spot: Times Ten Cellars

Go-to place for best shopping: Montgomery Antique Mall

Favorite music: Country (Old & New) & Top 40

Favorite Fort Worth Hidden Gem: The wine room at City Club


April Montez
April Montez - @april_fwtx
"Wife+Mom+Convention Services Manager in the most wonderful city in Texas! Fort Worth!! Family and Travel are my passion."

April was born in Illinois but got to Texas as fast as she could.  At 8 weeks old, her life as a Texan began!  She was raised in Fort Worth and has over 20 years' experience in the hospitality service industry. From restaurants to travel agencies and then joining the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2001, customer service is her top priority.  Wife and mother to two boys, family is the love of her life.  In her free time, she loves spending time with family and friends.

Favorite Fort Worth restaurant: Los Asadero 

Favorite sports team: I am without a football team now that Peyton Manning retired, but I love the Texas Rangers!

Services Super Power: Calmness during the storm, adaptability.

Favorite Happy Hour spot: Any place with a patio

Go-to place for best shopping: Hulen Mall

Favorite music: Pretty much anything but mostly Top 40, Country and 80's

Favorite Fort Worth Hidden Gem: Fort Worth Aviation Museum


Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia - @Steff_garcia
"The things I love: My boys, laughter, happiness, fresh scents, most music, randomness, and being Gemini."

Stephanie (Steph) has been in the hospitality industry for 18 years now, from hotel operations to sales, catering, partnership and events. Born and raised in the City of Cowboys and Culture, Stephanie is passionate about the growth and development of Fort Worth. During her off time she enjoys trying out new attractions and restaurants with friends and family.

Favorite Fort Worth restaurant: Hmm... A favorite restaurant is hard to pick. I have to go with Reata for the best local flavor and Dutch's for the burger connoisseur.

Favorite sports team: I enjoy watching any sport that is in season and am an avid local supporter.

Services Super Power: Captain Organizer! Not surprised that being analytical is my top strength.

Favorite Happy Hour spot: Cantina Laredo is conveniently located one block from our office and serves up my favorite margarita.

Go-to place for best shopping: Whether to browse or shop, Earth Bones is the place I go for some funky finds.

Favorite music: Depends on the day and mood. I listen to everything. I am currently on an 80's kick.

Favorite Fort Worth Hidden Gem: The Fort Worth Japanese Garden is tranquil with beautiful, traditional landscaping.


Paola Bowman
Paola Bowman - @PBinTexas
"Events Prof., Wife, Mom, and amateur writer. Planner by day...and night."

Paola (PB) has an 18-year background in the hospitatlity industry in numerous positions from front of the house to sales and services. In her current role with the FWCVB, Paola works with the executive meetings team in sales efforts and provides convention services for those definite groups. Paola's favorite role though, is that of wife and mother to two energetic boys. 

Favorite Fort Worth restaurant: Dutch's and Esperanza's

Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys and TCU Horned Frogs 

Services Super Power: Resourcefulness and Connectedness. I'm a bridge builder!

Favorite Happy Hour spot: Cantina Laredo and Thompson's Book Store

Go-to place for best shopping: University Park Village & Stockyards Station

Favorite music: I have a very eclectic music taste, from Enya to Blake Shelton. I also love Michael Buble! 

Favorite Fort Worth Hidden Gem: Scat Jazz Lounge & Dinner at The Modern Art Museum