Whenever out-of-towners ask for a good, local restaurant, the Woodshed Smokehouse is always high on my list. First, it's locally owned. Woodshed Chef/Owner Tim Love is also the brainchild behind local favorites Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Love Shack (both located in the Stockyards National Historic District). Second, the food and ambience can't be beat. And, last but not least, the shed is home to an almost nightly showcasing of Fort Worth's best musical talent.




The outdoor view is one of the best in town. Nestled along the Trinity River just north of TCU, the patio area gives diners an open view of the river and the scenic Trinity Trails, which are always bustling with joggers and bikers. The space is far enough from University Drive to be free of traffic noise, and there's usually a welcome, cool breeze that glides in from the woods to the south. The outdoor space holds dozens of picnic tables, short tables, and a small stage.


Photo Credit: Kaye Askins


On Thursday, May 21, Ed Burleson brings his country sensibility with colorful songs like "Rainy Day Woman" and "Dead Skunk." Bluesmen Pull My Finger sing about ex-wives and down-on-your luck times May 22, while Vanillaface Jones (Ben Napier guitar/vocals, Katie Robertson Keys/vocals, and Tyrel Choat guitar/vocals) take the stage the next day to perform a mix of classical rock that largely revolves around tunes by the Beatles.

On May 24, you can enjoy the music of local singer/songwriter Chris Watson. Watson performs a mix of blues, rock ‘n' roll, funk, and gospel that's collectively called soul. For larger venues you can find him performing with his namesake band, but he also puts on one heck of a show when doing the solo thing.

The list goes on and on. Follow the Woodshed's calendar to find when your favorite band or singer is performing. Whether you stop by for a lunch or a late evening show, you may find yourself referring out-of-towners about this little Fort Worth gem soon afterwards.