It’s not often that the name of a show also expresses all its kinetic and visceral power. But when it comes to the show STOMP, almost all of its high octane energy and appeal is summed up in its all-caps title -- which it richly deserves.

STOMP at Bass Hall 

Coming to downtown’s Bass Performance Hall, as part of its reliably entertaining Broadway at the Bass series, and beginning April 8th, STOMP is all about dramatic expression through the international language of percussion. The eight-member STOMPers use every tangible object at their disposal to create an evening of non-stop rhythm. And when I say “every” object, I mean they derive all manner of beats and tempos by knocking together wooden poles, garbage cans, and hubcaps, brooms to matchboxes, and Zippo lighters. It’s the kind of entertainment that has, by now, been immortalized on a wide slew of national television shows. In fact, it’s gone from being a national treasure to being an international entertainment juggernaut. In short, STOMP has become a perennial – an almost annual excursion into a non-stop, guaranteed bit of pulse-racing entertainment that, when it comes to Fort Worth and North Texas audiences in general, will leave them on their feet, filling the Bass Hall with thunderous, appreciative applause.  

Details: STOMP from April 8-13. At Bass Performance Hall, 4th and Calhoun Streets in downtown, Fort Worth. More information at; 817-212-4280.

STOMP at bass Hall 

[Images Courtesy Performing Arts Fort Worth; photos by: Junichi Takahashi]