Sure, you’ve probably seen the Sundance Square comic strip surrounding the construction area, but did you know that it’s the largest comic strip in Texas? 

Sundance Square’s renovation includes three new buildings with tons of room for office space, storefronts and new restaurants. What we’re most excited about? The Sundance Square plaza where Fort Worth visitors and locals alike can gather to enjoy the new centerpiece of downtown Fort Worth. Think outdoor concerts and movies, community events, outdoor seating, vibrant landscaping, and three beautiful water features with cascading waterfalls. The plans also include four giant “magical” umbrellas—the first ever in the U.S.— that will give shade and protection from rain, but also offer incredible colored LED light displays at night with different patterns and color schemes. Each new building tells a story (as displayed by the construction comic strip), but here’s a quick glance as to what Sundance Square has in store:

The Cassidy–407 Throckmorton St. The largest of the three new buildings, the six-story Cassidy will form a 99,000 square foot L-shape with restaurants and shopping on the ground floor and apartments on the top floor. 

The Commerce Building–420 Commerce St.The Commerce Building will be five stories tall with more than 83,000 square feet. The Commerce will include a center facade featuring four-story, high-arched brick window bays. 
The Westbrook–425 Houston St. Named after one of the most majestic hotels in the history of Fort Worth, this 94,000-square-foot building will be six stories. The Westbrook will feature a stunning clock tower at the top. Interesting fact: a box spring, swimming pool and old walls from the original hotel were found while digging on site!
The construction is underway and in true Sundance fashion, it is one of the cleanest construction sites ever. Stay tuned for openings in 2013 and 2014. Folow @SSQConstruction on Twitter for updates.