I had the pleasure of going to the 2012 TMEA – Texas Music Educators Association Annual Conference in San Antonio last week. Exhibiting with me with were Texas Boys Choir and Roadrunner Charters. I don’t know that I fully understood what the Texas Boys Choir was until this Conference. The Texas Boys Choir is at the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts which is a public Charter School in Fort Worth for students grades 3-12. Students must audition to be accepted into the small class sizes. Every student at the school studies a fine art such as choir, theatre, instrumental, a variety of art classes, and dance.
These students are given a tremendous opportunity by being accepted to the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts. The Texas Boys Choir performs locally, nationally and internationally. These students are about to have the opportunity to travel to Argentina in May 2012! Click on the link to learn more about the performing arts in the "City of Cowboys and Culture".