Trees Being Planted As Progress Continues On Pit Stop Park Tailgating Area
Progress continues on Pit Stop Park as the planting of more than 60 adult ash and oak trees is underway in Texas Motor Speedway’s new private tailgating community.
The speedway’s Operations Department began this construction phase today and will continue through Friday as they remain on schedule for an early March completion date for the entire project. The Ops crew is scheduled to lay sod on Monday and Tuesday of the coming week and then follow with the installation of the white PVC picket fencing to enclose the park.
Pit Stop Park will be the most distinctive and exclusive tailgating area in motorsports and a strong addition to the wide array of fan amenities offered at the world-class racing venue for its three major race weeks. Pit Stop Park, located less than 100 yards from the speedway’s main entrance gate (Gate 4), will cater to race fans who desire to entertain in the premier tailgating area that Texas Motor Speedway offers exclusively for personal vehicles.
Pit Stop Park will consist of up to 76 reserved tailgating spots and a common area that will be visually striking with lush sod entertainment areas, numerous trees and an expansive flower bed entrance that will landscape the project.
Each reserved spot is a spacious 36 feet deep by 15 feet wide – nearly the size of four traditional parking spots – to allow fans the room to park their personal vehicle (no RVs or campers), set up a traditional 8x10 tailgate tent and have enough space for tables, chairs and even a barbeque grill. The tailgate area also will be more aesthetically pleasing than most sports venues with half of each reserved spot being natural grass, 12- to 14-foot trees dividing each.
The sale of Pit Stop Park spots is currently underway, with substantial discounts for PSL and season ticket holders available at this time. To secure a Pit Stop Park tailgating spot, fans must purchase a Personal Parking License (PPL) – which is similar to a Personal Seat License (PSL) – for $1,000. The PPL holder will then be charged a $750 yearly maintenance fee. Personal Seat License holders can purchase the Personal Parking License for $500 and have a $650 annual fee, an initial savings of $600. Season-ticket holders can purchase the PPL for $750 and have a $700 annual fee, a savings of $300.
For more information on Texas Motor Speedway or to purchase a spot, please call the Texas Motor Speedway Ticket Office at (817) 215-8500.

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