Rodeo season lives on year-round in Fort Worth at Cowtown Coliseum, home of the Stockyards Championship Rodeo every Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m. On February 17-21, you're invited to Cowtown to witness a special event, The AMERICAN Semi-Finals.

At The AMERICAN Semi-Finals, athletes go head-to-head for a coveted spot on THE AMERICAN rodeo roster, where finalists will compete against the top 10 pro athletes in the sport. In each event, first place pays $100,000 and second $25,000, plus prize packages of more than $40,000 each. If someone wins who is not one of the top-10 invited athletes, he or she can earn all or a portion of an EXTRA $1 million bonus.

Highlights for this year's Semi-Finals include:

  • Richie Champion, who became an instant millionaire in AT&T Stadium in 2014, has once again qualified through the Semi-Finals and is eligible to win the $1 million bonus AGAIN.
  • The lone non-barrel racing female qualifier with a chance to beat the boys for an eventual $1 million is Texas cowgirl Jackie Crawford. She and her husband, Charly, have both qualified for The Semi-Finals - with other partners.
  • Patches on the athletes' shirts will be sold at auction in the Fort Worth Stockyards during the Semi-Finals, with the live Sponsor Patch Auction being held that night, Feb. 21. Winning bidders receive their logo or name on the patch, plus eligibility for special seats, etc. Fifteen percent of proceeds go to cowboy and rodeo heritage museums, and 85 percent of dollars paid go to the athletes themselves.

Purchase your tickets now to cheer on the underdogs at Cowtown Coliseum as they compete for a chance against the pros on Febraury 28 at AT&T Stadium.


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