Coming soon to Sundance Square (at the corner of 4th & Commerce) will be The Cupcakery! We are so excited for this place and it's not just because they've got delicious cupcake flavors like "Oh My Gosh, Ganache" or "Banana Cream Bomb" but they also are serving sparkling champagne to wash it all down and oh so popular, mini cupcakes! 

This is a perfect addition to Sundance Square where visitors and locals can really indulge their sweet tooth.  Located in Vegas, Houston as well as other locations, The Cupcakery will surely be a hit in Downtown Fort Worth! Their first official cupcake recipe dates back to 1829, so they know what they're doing! Stay tuned for an update on the official opening day and for more information on Fort Worth Dining, (and desserts!) click here!  Photo Credit: Sundance Square E-newletter