Cupcakes are popping up everywhere in Fort Worth! With the Cupcake Cottage, Jae Rae's and so ccmany delicious bakeries across town, you might have decided there's always time to start that post-summer diet after the holidays. The Cupcakery cupcakes are fantastic, and once you get one bite you'll be craving more! 

cFrom flavors like Oh My Gosh, Ganache! or Orange Julius made with Orange Grand Marnier, you will try one and just have to try another, out of curiosity. The Cupcakery manages to produce fluffy, moist cupcake all while combining unique flavors. 

It's not just the cupcakes that are spectacular. The adorable boutique style decked out in the cupcake and pink theme is sparkling with personality. In a few months, they are expected to have their alcohol license confirmed, where they will also serve champagne! Cheers to that! Next time you're in Sundance Square and you've got to satisfy your calling sweet tooth, hop in to the Cupcakery!