It's no coincidence that the liveliest music venues and bars tend to be near colleges. While studying at UNT, I never had to walk far to hear my favorite band on Fry Street, and the same holds true for TCU and Berry Street. Universities provide both young, eager musicians and anxious revelers looking to unwind after class.

The Aardvark occupies a cozy nook off the southeast corner of TCU's campus. On a recent late night visit, parking was a breeze. Berry Street offers ample streetside parking east of University Drive. The Aardvark's layout is pretty straightforward -- it's a big square, basically. Near the entrance is a long bar stocked with loads of liquor, friendly bartenders, and several local craft beers on tap, as well as ubiquitous macrobrews (and Bud Light ads). There are a few arcade games like Golden Tee and a pool table, but the real draw is the stage.

Live music is the heart and soul of this venue. Past iconic bands that have performed here include Bowling for Soup, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Green River Ordinance, Mingo Fishtrap, and many, many more. More importantly, The Aardvark nurtures local talent, too. Recently, the venue hosted Josh Weathers and Nick Choate. Weathers used to head up the legendary soul band, Josh Weathers Band, but he used the Aardvark concert to raise money for a girl's home in Hyderabad, India.

A list of upcoming shows is available online here.


The Aardvark keeps the lights on late (open until 2AM, seven days a week). The bar also boasts an impressive menu with slow-smoked barbeque, burgers, hotdogs and appetizers.

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