My favorite story about Fort Worth was the night I met my husband :) I was at Billy Bob's with some girlfriends for a Girls Night Out. Drinks, pool, Kevin Fowler - having wonderful time! One thing that caught our attention was this hot mess on the dance floor doing some kind of robot, electric slide routine. The man was wearing some way too small black leather pants and a blue cowboy hat. I knew he had to be mine. I offered him some peppermints and peanuts for his hat and the barter was complete. He taught me his dance moves and I taught him the hand jive. It was love at first dance. We ended up meeting the next morning at Joe T Garcias for brunch and have been together ever since. Married 2 years now! He still wears those pants occasionally (although not in public) and the hat is on our mantle. I love him and I love Fort Worth :)

Name: Ashlee Jarvis
City: Arlington
State: Texas