If you are in North Texas during the Super Week of Superbowl 45 you must try the two most well-known drinks in the South!

If you prefer a Texas-sized glass of sweet tea or one of various types of margarita, Visit Fort Worth to get the best there is to offer!  The city's three major districts - downtown, the Fort Worth Cultural District, and the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District - are within a three-mile radius of one another. You can travel between them without even getting on a highway.

In downtown's Sundance Square you can find a variety of all things Fort Worth Nightlife.  Visit PF Chang's for a glass of fresh-brewed mango iced tea or Cantina Laredo for one of the best margaritas you've ever experienced. 

The Stockyards offers Riscky's Barbeque with amazing sweet tea and you have to stop by H3 for a margarita!

In the Cultural District grab an amazing cocktail at Eddie V's Fort Worth if you're hoping to be somewhat adventurous then a simple margarita.  Tillmans Roadhouse can serve you some fine house wine of the South with a huge glass of sweet tea!

Super Week during Superbowl 45 in Fort Worth offers so many Things to Do in Fort Worth!  You can't forget to experience more than just the game and try some of the Tastes of Texas!

For more information on Super Bowl packages in Fort Worth visit www.FortWorth.com/Visitors/SuperWeek.