Most of us might easily sum up the science and history of beer in one giggly word: “Fun.” But that’s because most of us have a personal history with the sudsy libation that has nothing to do with either science or history -- and everything to do with how we feel imbibing it. And lest anyone forgets, most of us feel real good whenever we’re around an ice-cold beer.

Well, leave it to the folks at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to make increasing our overall knowledge of the noble brewski more diverting than we could have ever expected.

Moving decidedly off premises for this latest in the museum’s Public Knowledge series -- away from the museum’s colorfully palatial compound and into the more event-appropriate T&P Tavern on West Lancaster -- local beer-meister, Brenden Stubblefield will offer up what is being billed as a “global tour” of all the behind-the-scenes world of brewing beer. Beer is officially recognized as the world’s third most quaffed beverage, and Stubblefield will explain the ins and outs of brewing the myriad varieties of beer available, yes that’s right, on tap, in a can or bottle.

Nothing fully conveys a beer’s special quality than if it’s sampled and this Public Knowledge beer appreciation session will involve participants purchasing a specially crafted “beer flight.”After this “Brew-ology” session, you’ll be the hit at any of the countless Oktoberfest beer gardens you were planning on frequenting in, yup, October.

Details: Brew-ology: The Science and History of Beer. A Public Knowledge event organized by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Tuesday, September 3 at 7 p.m. at the T&P Tavern, 221 W. Lancaster Ave.

Public Knowledge at T&P Tavern