One of Fort Worth's most promising singer/songwriters is quickly becoming a nationally recognized name. As a contender on NBC's seventh season of The VoiceLuke Wade, 31, has made a name for himself with his distinctive, bright, tenor voice and amiable demeanor. No matter how the final season plays out, you can catch Wade and his band, Luke Wade & No Civilians, at the New Years Eve at Sundance Square Plaza celebration. He will be the final act leading up to the big midnight countdown.

Wade moved from Dublin, Texas to his adopted home of Fort Worth six years ago. He said Fort Worth seemed like a huge city to him at the time, but in L.A., he still has to remind folks where exactly Fort Worth is.

"I make a point to tell them that it's my home, it's an awesome place, and it's not Dallas," he said over a recent phone interview. Here is how the rest of our conversation played out.

How has growing up in North Texas shaped you as a musician?

"There's a certain Texas-ness to my presence and my writing and things like that. There's definitely a lot of kindness and openness in Texas. I get to show that on a national scale."

What advice do you have for aspiring singers and musicians?

"Don't be afraid to fail. You're going to fail a lot in front of people at first, so it's important to be as brave as you can be. Do whatever it is you love all the time in front of whoever you can. Find a mentor and figure out who you are because, if you don't know, no one's going to tell you."

What's the biggest lesson you've learned from competing on The Voice?

"To pay attention to detail. It's hard to get from being good to great. You have to put your utmost into all the details. Sometimes you have to get out of your way to let people who are better than you help you. And vocal coaching, all of these things go into a great performance."

What can you tell us about the New Years Eve show?

"I'm excited about it. I'll be playing with my band. We're going to be performing a combination of songs from my recent album."

And I had to ask -- How did you come up with your bands name?

"We were at The Moon off Berry Avenue. My drummer, bass, player and I decided we wanted to start a jam session, but one of my bandmates stipulated ‘okay, but no civilians.' It's a concept. It means just us and people who are really good at music."



If that's not enough to motivate you to come downtown on New Years, there will be champagne for sale on the plaza all night and The Cheesecake Factory will be open late to keep revelers from going hungry. On or off-screen, Wade is a talent definitely worth checking out.