Sundance Square's Circle Theatre is known for its professional, unique and innovative performances within such an intimate setting, the audience feels like they are a part of the play. On Saturday's opening night of The Whipping Man, I had felt as if I stepped back in time to the post-Civil War South among a young Confederate soldier and two emancipated slaves. The play follows the reunion of these three Jewish gentleman in the year 1865, where they come together in a time of destruction and depression to celebrate the first night of Passover. 

The half destroyed set, shadowy lighting, moving music and stormy sounds were all key to making the atmospheric period drama a success, but I was most amazed by the three-actor cast. Caleb, the Confederate soldier is injured and trying to come to terms with his return to his family's desolate house and the aftermath of the Civil War. Simon, the older slave acts as the father figure as he takes the two through the Passover Ceremony. Although the play was mostly serious, the actors did deliver some humorous lines, most memorably from John the younger of the freed slave who was a perpetual looter and drinker. Please note, the play is not suitable for children as it contains a graphic scene and strong language.
Circle Theatre represents the art of live theatre in a local setting in the "City of Cowboys and Culture." Don't miss this award-winning drama, running through April 14. Visit Circle Theatre for more info on show times, tickets and more.