Catherine Markel, Stockyards Hotel Hometown:  Fort Worth, Texas

Occupation: Sales Manager at the Stockyards Hotel

Ideal Day in Fort Worth:  My ideal day in Fort Worth is spent with my family: my husband and I have two little girls, ages 4 and 6.  We love to ride the Trinity Train with them and enjoy a picnic in the Trinity Park afterwards.

What do you like most about working in the tourism/hospitality industry?  I love showing off my hometown and the Fort Worth Stockyards to new people.  It is so fun to see their reactions to the Fort Worth Herd, the saddle bar stools in our bar, Booger Red’s Saloon, the Buffalo Butt sticking out of the bar, the history at the Stockyards Hotel and the Historic Stockyards. They love it!  

How would you describe Fort Worth to a visitor?  I think the FWCVB says it perfectly with the tagline, ”City of Cowboys & Culture”.  Fort Worth is a small, big city where I always tell people that everything in Fort Worth is about five minutes away, which most are amazed about.  You can enjoy everything the Fort Worth Stockyards has to offer, visit the Cultural District to enjoy some of the world's finest museums and enjoy lunch at Lucille's on Camp Bowie Blvd. Attend a Broadway Show at Bass Hall in Downtown/Sundance Square or you can take your family to the Fort Worth Zoo and and have a picnic in Trinity Park--all just five minutes from each other.

What makes Fort Worth different than any other destination?  I think the charm and friendliness of the people make Fort Worth different from other locations.  Fort Worth has great museums, wonderful food, great venues and hotels, a deep cattle history and SO MUCH more.