Hometown: Fort Worth

Occupation: Director of Sales at Billy Bob’s Texas

Ideal Day in Fort Worth: During the Spring I like to start with breakfast at Esperanza’s on Main; spend some time hiking at the Fort Worth Nature Center, followed by a stop at The Lightcatcher Winery on my way home; and end the day with a concert at Billy Bob’s Texas.

What do you like most about working in the tourism/hospitality industry? Telling people about all of the great things that Fort Worth has to offer!

How would you describe Fort Worth to a visitor? Authentic

What makes Fort Worth different than any other destination? The hospitality of the people that live and work here every day. The folks that welcome the visitors to our city every day – from the Stockyards, through Sundance Square and Downtown and out to the Museums – we all work hard to make the visitor’s experience a memorable one…in a good way!