Fort Worth Tourism Week Profile Feature Hotel Partner Hometown: I grew up in Ennis, TX, which is a small town about an hour south of Fort Worth.

Occupation: Sales Manager at the Holiday Inn Express at Cityview.

Ideal Day in Fort Worth: Bike ride at Trinity Trails, a short trip to Fort Woof Dog Park (I have two very spoiled dogs), and wrap it up with a night at Concerts in the Gardens.

How would you describe Fort Worth to a visitor? Fort Worth is a big city with a small town feel.

What do you like most about working in the tourism/hospitality industry? I am a “people” person, I love meeting people and showing off our beautiful city.

What is the biggest surprise visitors have about Fort Worth? Visitors are most surprised by the hospitality of the Fort Worth people.

What makes Fort Worth different than any other destination? The diversity of Fort Worth, its Western Heritage to its unmatched cultural arts, makes this city stand out from the rest.