vestaPut this Free in Fort Worth event on your calendar! After almost four years of cruising at stunning speeds, Dawn, a robotic spacecraft, caught up to the object of its lengthy chase, asteroid Vesta. There, the asteroid’s gravity captured the spacecraft and brought it into its orbit on July 16, 2011—relaying images and information back to NASA. In celebration of this rare occurrence, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History will be participating in a nationwide fiesta with hands-on space-related activities in Innovation Studios and talks in the Planetarium lobby throughout the day. (Admittance to these activities are included in Exhibit admission.)

The astronomical day will conclude with a free Star Party in the evening of Aug. 6th from dusk to 1:00 am. For a better view of Vesta, the Star Party will be located in the parking lot at the corner of Montgomery and Harley streets where representatives from the Museum’s Noble Planetarium and the Fort Worth Astronomical Society will be on-hand beginning at dusk to answer questions and assist visitors in seeing this unique asteroid, along with the moon, Saturn and other special objects through large telescopes in the night sky. Asteroid viewing will be from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., but Vesta will be visible all night August 6-7. 

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