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We've teamed up with photographers to share their Fort Worth photos during a #VisitFortWorthTakeover. This week, meet Joseph Haubert.  
Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Fort Worth. I just moved to Dallas a year and a half ago.
What about Fort Worth inspires you?
I love the simplicity of Fort Worth. From the farms and fields in the south to the stockyards in the north. You can just about walk anywhere in FW without feeling crowded. I like the feeling that you could get lost if you wanted to in FW. It's inspiring to me, the unknown and the adventure.
Do you have a favorite place to photograph Fort Worth?
I love the Modern museum. It's a great place to get inspired. From the design to the construction of the building, the exhibits within, it just amazing. 
What would you tell a visitor they must experience in Fort Worth?
There are so many great places to visit in Fort Worth. The Stockyards is a gimme if you want to learn FW's roots. Sundance Square in downtown is a fun spot, especially since they have the square courtyard with all the stores and restaurants around it. The new West 7th bridge west of downtown is a beautiful piece of architecture. I've taken so many photos of it and still feel I haven't taken enough. Walk it on a pretty day and you will understand! My favorite area in FW is the museum district. I'm an artist who loves art, go figure. The Modern museum, followed by the Kimbell and Amon Carter. While you're in the area, i'd suggest the Casa Manana theater and the zoo. The zoo is ranked one of the best in the country too. For eating, Magnolia Street is a no brainer. So many great places to dine or chill at. My favorites are Avoca coffee, Brewed and Live Oak. You can't go wrong with Benitos and Yucatan Taco Stand either. Oh, I absolutely cannot forget to mention Charlie's Old Fashioned Hamburgers on Grandbury Rd., south of downtown. Best burger i've ever had.
Twitter: josephhaubert
Instagram: whateveryouare