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Fort Worth's Cultural District has a history dating back to earliest days of our city. When the fort was established in 1849, the area was open prairie land often visited by Native Americans because of the nearby Trinity River. The first important settler activity in the area was by K.M. Van Zandt,
With highs averaging a comfy 80 degrees, Tarrant County Gay Pride Week in full swing, and the city's many performing arts venues and first-rate theaters well into their fall season, Fort Worth makes for an especially alluring destination in the middle of autumn. Gorgeous Trinity Park draws outdoorsy
It’s been a few weeks since school has ended and it’s time to plan all those activities to keep your family entertained during the summer months. Whether you find music or movies (or both!) appealing, there’s several outdoor events and activities in Fort Worth for your whole family to enjoy.
The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History brings math, science and history to life with their interactive exhibits and activities. The latest offering, Design Zone , shows how mathematical concepts like algebra influence the creative design process. What do algebra and drum beats have to do with
If you're not lucky enough to attend, in person, the soaring quality theater productions offered annually by the National Theatre of Great Britain , Amphibian Stage Productions , paired with the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth , has just your ticket -- literally -- to remedy that situation. Through