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Ride the Chisholm Trail Through Downtown Fort Worth

Did you know that Fort Worth is part of what’s called the Texas Lakes Trail regions, one of the 10 historic Texas areas bisected by the old Chisholm Trail? You probably learned about the Trail in the sixth grade –– it was the central mover of Lone Star beef from Lockhart through North Texas and up though the stockyards in Kansas City. The Trail ran through Downtown Fort Worth and Sundance Square as we know them today. …

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Urban Pokémon Hunting

Collecting Pokémon cards is so last century. Pokémon GO, Nintendo’s newest version, is an app for your phone to find virtual Pokémon critters outdoors. From the rotund Jigglypuff to Bulbasaur, to the adorable Charmander and Pikachu, Fort Worth has a great variety of Poké stops. This isn’t an…

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Best Pizza in the Fort

A few weeks ago I wrote about tacos -- more difficult than one would think, because there are so many great local taco places and there's so little blog-width. Tacos were a tough subject to tackle. But pizza is, if possible, even more subjective than tacos, due to the variables of crust, sauce…

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