Nate Krieger

Nate Krieger

Profession: President of Stockyards Marketing Exchange LLC

Years Lived in Fort Worth: 32

Favorite attraction to take visitors in Fort Worth: Fort Worth Stockyards and Downtown Sundance Square

Favorite restaurant in Fort Worth: Horseshoe Hill Cafe

Favorite place to listen to music: White Elephant Saloon

Favorite memory from a trip to Canada: Niagara Falls - Canadian Side, and Toronto. When I was in High School I drove from Texas to Niagara Falls for a family reunion. I was in my truck with Texas plates and when I was at the border the Canadian border folks were very nice, but they had a stereotype about big guys in trucks from Texas. They wanted to make sure I wasn't bringing any guns into Canada. I assured them I wasn't but they insisted to inspect the vehicle, so they did. We ended up sharing a few stories about how they couldn't believe a hockey team from Texas had just won the Stanley Cup. The border guys were so nice it didn't even bother me to go through the process.  I can tell you this Canada is absolutely beautiful and Toronto was the cleanest large city I have ever been to. We saw Miss Saigon in Toronto and had a blast. I would love to go back and spend more than 2 days.

Why should Canadians visit Fort Worth? Fort Worth is the Greatest City in America. We are friendly and want everyone in the world to have the opportunity to see what we have to offer. A true cultural destination with nothing more than the best Western experience offered. 

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