Tony Formby

Tony Formby

Name, Birthplace, number of years lived in Fort Worth: Tony Formby, born Vancouver Canada - 20 year resident of FW, prior to that 6 years San Francisco , 1 year NY 1 year Boston. Work and lived in Ottawa, Canadian capital in Trudeau SR. administration for 5 years in 1970s. Left Vancouver to live in US at age 30.

What’s your favorite aspect about living in Fort Worth? People here are very friendly - like Canadians. City is very livable and affordable. Downtown and city is easy to get around.

Why should Canadians visit Fort Worth? Direct flights from almost every major Canadian city to DFW on American Airlines - 3.5 hours from Vancouver, 3 from Calgary 2.5 from Toronto and Montreal. FW is easier to get around than Dallas - Downtown FW has lots to offer - restaurants, bars distillery, Other parts of FW also appealing  - Ale Trail, Stockyards, golf etc. FW offers a mix of casual Western themed activities in addition to great cultural entities such at Kimbell, Modern, Bass Hall, Zoo etc. There is something for everyone, weather is great during Canadian winters and FW is easy to get around. Canadian are used to public transport and most of their cities are great for walking and cycling.

What similarities do you find between Texans and Canadians? People are very friendly in both places. Canadians like to have a good time. Calgary and Fort Worth are very similar.

What are your must-sees for Canadians visiting Fort Worth? Acre Distillery, Bass Hall, Kimbell, Modern, Sundance Square. Water Gardens, Stock Yards, Ale Trail, Downtown, Magnolia St. 7th Street.

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