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A Fragile Dance of Elders Into The Great Beyond

  • Presented By: Hip Pocket Theatre
  • Dates: June 29, 2018 - July 22, 2018
  • Recurrence: Recurring every 4 weeks on Sunday, Friday, Saturday
  • Location: Hip Pocket Theatre
  • Address: 1950 Silver Creek Road, Fort Worth, TX 76108
  • Phone: (817) 246-9775
  • Time: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Price: $20 for adults, $15 for seniors/military/teachers, $5 for students/children

A Poetic Peek into the Souls of Ancient Ones Traveling Towards Their Journey’s End.

Throughout the country, and indeed the world, there are nursing care facilities staffed by living angels who have dedicated their lives to caring for our elderly and infirm. These compassionate souls provide for the basic human needs of our family members who can no longer care for themselves. They try to ease the pain and guilt that naturally affect families who realize they can no longer adequately care for their loved ones.

The setting:
The sparse interior of an Alzheimer’s Health Care Facility. Stroke victims and Parkinson’s patients also reside here under the care of Dr. Wier and four nurses assigned to this unit. A tightly focused bluish light slowly rises to reveal an angelic being with pulsating wide-spread wings positioned somewhere above. This is Lyra. Her soft hands rest gently upon the shoulders of a young boy standing in front of her. Both of these ethereal beings stare out toward the audience and then downward into the darkness.

Very slowly a single white light begins to glow illuminating the frail figure of a young woman tightly curled into herself upon a simple narrow bed. Her name is Dancy Nancy…Lyra’s face glows with compassion, empathy and love. She then turns toward the entrance of other residents now beginning to filter into the ward. Four are in wheelchairs. All are dressed haphazardly, some even comically yet none are truly comical. They are feeble and pitiable. Heart-rendering.

Show runs from June 29th to July 22nd. Shows start at 9 PM with no late seating. The Backyard opens at 7 PM with live music before and after the show as well as food and drinks in concessions. For more information, please go to www.hippocket.org.