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John Wayne Children's Book Reading

On Friday, February 26, 2021 at 10:00am CT, Anita Swift, granddaughter of film legend John Wayne, will be giving a live reading of America, Why I Love Her at the John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit in the Fort Worth Stockyards. This event will be the first of a monthly series hosted at the exhibit, where special guests are invited to read and recite the book and other literary works for young locals and their families.

The children’s book, America, Why I Love Her, is derived from the original poem by John Mitchum that was made famous through John Wayne’s Grammy-nominated recording in 1973. In this rendition, readers can follow “Little Duke” across the country as he celebrates the beauty of America with his furry sidekick and sense of patriotism.

The team at is looking forward to sharing this educational and heartwarming experience with you and your families!

No purchase is required, this is a free event. Tickets to visit the museum are available at johnwayne.com/experience