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Lecture | Caballeros y Vaqueros

When people think of famous cowboys, they often conjure up Hollywood images of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or Roy Rogers. The iconic Western cowboy actually can trace its roots to north and west Africa, up through Spain and then over to the New World. In 2019, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum organized an exhibit called “Caballeros y Vaqueros,” which told this story using the decorative traditions of New World husbandry as they developed in New Spain and Colonial Mexico from a fusion of Native American, European, African and Islamic traditions. Join us as NCWHM curator Michael Grauer explores how global traditions manifested into a unique Western visual tradition.

Speaker: Michael Grauer, McCasland Chair of Cowboy Culture and Curator of Cowboy Collections & Western Art, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (NCWHM)

Please note that this is a virtual program that will take place on zoom. Registration required.