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Lecture | How Mexican Westerns Conquered the World

In the twentieth century, no other American genre of entertainment was more popular on the global stage than the Western. Hollywood Westerns entranced audiences worldwide while American television Westerns appeared on tv screens across Europe, Latin America, and even parts of Asia. Likewise, American comic book westerns were syndicated in daily newspapers, and later printed in comic book form around the world. Soon, film makers and comic book creators from outside of the U.S. started creating their own westerns, some of which also became popular internationally.

The Mexican film and comic book industry played an outsized role in popularizing American westerns throughout Latin America and Spain. Mexican film westerns, from musicals to Spaghetti-style ones, were distributed southward and across the Atlantic. Since the Mexican comic book industry was the largest and most powerful in the Spanish speaking world, Mexican comics also circulated transnationally, shaping perceptions of the American West throughout Latin America.

This presentation explores the history of Mexican film and comic book westerns and their outsized impact on the Spanish speaking world. Come and learn about singing cowboys, Lone Ranger knock offs, remakes of Shane, and the often-surprising themes of Mexican comic book westerns.
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