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Sanadora Teatra: Women's Healing, A Stage Trilogy

A Teatro Flor Candela Production - Directed by Patricia Urbina
Sanadora: Women's Healing - A Stage Trilogy
Three different scenes tied together by three creative threads.
1. Laberinta (The Labyrinth)
Based upon the Greek myth of the Minotaur in his Labyrinth and Ariadna, who with her thread, enters into the matrix we create. This is a space dominated by the force of submission due to the absence of any truly human element.
Through tragedy, the Greeks dealt with the grief resulting from their inability to change destiny; they always remained fearful of the gods’ punishment for whoever attempted it.
Ariadna fervently seeks to change her destiny; she attempts to recover the human figure that outside the labyrinth weaves a different, possible world on her loom.

2. Peregrinar (The Pilgrimage)
A woman born in the United States is on the brink of suicide and initiates a pilgrimage deep within a Mayan community in Chiapas, Mexico, to find herself.
With an underlying metaphor of “life as a voyage,” the traveler becomes expelled from her origins to un-find and re-find herself in the essences of the natural, in unconditional love, and in the sacred experience of age-old knowledge.

3. Travesía (The Voyage)
A look into the experiences of being an artist and traversing a great distance inward in a spiral motion. This is the voyage of a human being, a journey that closes in upon itself while it flees its center, as in a spiral. Is this journey a human condition to finally discover who we are? Soul? Being? Spirit? The journey is the beginning and the end without limits, a link between the inner world and the external, and vice-versa. This work also includes characters, titles, and content from some of the visual works by Spanish surrealist artist, Remedios Varo.