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SparkFest: Voices Unveiled Performance

“The Voices Unveiled” musical project magnifies the voices of the Woman-Life-Freedom movement heroes, the Iranian Women.

Starting at 7 pm before the performance, join us in the Amphibian Stage lobby for a catered reception provided by Break Bread, Break Borders.

The seeds of The Voices Unveiled musical project were sown when Matoori (composer) read multiple tragic news articles about multiple women refugees who left their motherlands in quest for equality, justice, and freedom, but lost their lives while crossing the borders. The story of the woman who died of hypothermia because she put her clothes on her children protecting them from the cold; the story of the women who were detained, tortured, raped, kidnapped, and killed were among those. The two characters of “Voices Unveiled” were born after Matoori met with one of the survivor and listened to her horrifying recounts of the unbearable conditions she endured.

Matoori’s unrest and concerns with women’s pain and suffering has been a longstanding one. He grew up in a family where women were deeply admired and valued. But soon, he noticed the unmerited censorships, prejudices, oppressions, and suppressions that women, particularly, female artists in his homeland, have been facing for years. Though Matoori believes that his music “should bring happiness to people,” he could not stay silent and felt the obligation to translate his rage and pain into music and use his musical voice to echo the voices of the brave and tireless women who have refused to be silenced.

In September 2022, a 22 year old woman, Mahsa (Zhina) Amini was killed in custody of the Islamic Republic’s “morality police” for not properly following the hijab rules. Subsequently, a movement led by Iranian women has begun against the cruelties imposed on women. Soon, Iranian men had risen up in support of women. The slogan Woman Life Freedom has become the main chant of the protests. The freedom seeking movement of Iranians has been viciously and brutally attacked by the Islamic Regime through massive arrests, imprisonment, shootings, torture, and even executions. Despite all, Iranians’ fight for freedom continues to grow louder. In fact, people around the world have now become the voice of Iranians, creating an aspiring global unity for freedom and human rights. This movement is now believed to be one of the first and most important feminist led revolutions in the world that is demanding justice, democracy, equality, and freedom. Various artists have been beautifully bringing the world’s attention to the Iranians’ movement. “The Voices Unveiled” musical project is also hoping to magnify the voices of the Woman, Life, Freedom heroes, the Iranian Women.

Following the performance of Voices Unveiled, join us for the closing reception of SparkFest 2023.

This event is part of our enthralling two-week adventure, SparkFest 2023.