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Tall Tales | How Much of These Hills Is Gold

A book program designed to help us learn about the many varied cultures, landscapes, and stories of the American West past and present. Before the program, read the selected book, then join us as we gather together to engage in meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

Our exhibit, Charles M. Russell: Storyteller Across Media, features the many narratives the artist shared through his art. Over his more than forty-year career, Russell chronicled his beloved American West through the stories he told across paper, canvas, bronze, and truly any material he could find. From his early days telling stories around the campfire as a night herder to his practice of illustrating correspondence to close friends, Russell spun yarns from his own experiences and imagination, imbued with color and humor.

But what about the experiences those whose stories have often been omitted from our imaginings of the American West? Chinese-Americans — both native-born and immigrant — played a huge part in the settling of the American West, a fact that has too rarely been the subject of fiction. How Much of These Hills Is Gold, a debut novel by C Pam Zhang, is a skillful and powerful corrective to that omission. She dismantles the myth of the American West, or, rather, builds it up by adding faces and stories that have often been missing from the picture.

Free -- registration required.