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TCL Lead Small Business & Leadership Conference: From Surviving to Thriving in a Pandemic

The Cole Lab is your development destination, and we are bringing to you a conference that promises to pay dividends. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! No matter where you are, join us in Fort Worth, Texas for this year's conference. This conference is specifically designed for leaders . We will have workshops in 4 different tracks: small business and aspiring entrepreneur, executive leadership, team leadership, and general leadership principles.
We know that navigating business and leadership was hard at the beginning of the pandemic, and it forced many leaders to learn to stay afloat however they could. However, this conference will allow attendees of all leadership levels to learn how to move past a state of survival into a state of thriving even while we are still in a pandemic. Learn how to lead the people you have.
If you are a leader who wants to submit a proposal to present, check out our website for more details.
Find more information on our website at: www.thecolelab.net .