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The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin: Matinee and evening show

This event offers two showtimes, one at 3 PM and another at 8 PM. Please note that the curtains close promptly 10 minutes before each showtime. We kindly enforce a strict no-entry policy once the curtains have been closed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Prepare to be swept away on a journey of self-discovery, laughter, and heartache as Jubilee Theatre proudly presents "The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin." Bursting with energy, wit, and soul-stirring melodies, this groundbreaking musical is set to dazzle audiences from March 29th to May 5th. Step into the vibrant world of Viveca Stanton, a spirited young woman navigating the tumultuous landscape of 1960s and 1970s America. Written by the incomparable Kirsten Childs, this coming-of-age tale delves deep into the complexities of race, identity, and the universal quest for belonging.

Through Viveca's eyes, audiences are invited to confront societal norms, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the beauty of embracing one's true self. Under the direction of Khira Haley, Jubilee’s stellar ensemble cast brings Childs' rich tapestry of characters to life with electrifying performances and infectious energy. From the infectious rhythms of the music to the poignant moments of reflection, this performance promises an unforgettable theatrical experience that will leave you laughing, crying, and cheering for more.

Secure your seats today and join us for an evening of laughter, tears, and everything in between. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of "The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin" at Jubilee Theatre.