El Rancho Grande Restaurante

  • 1400 N. Main Street
  • Fort Worth, TX 76164
  • Region: Stockyards
  • (817) 624-9206
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Homemade corn tortilla chips and mild, flavorful salsa are addictive, but save room for tamales, enchiladas, fajitas and other traditional Tex-Mex dishes at this family-friendly restaurant.

  • Description

    Long before the arrival of fajitas or tequila bars, El Rancho Grande was ahead of its time with delicate chips and gossamerlike corn tortillas. In a city with a legacy of beef, chili con carne and enchilada dinners, El Rancho Grande might be the most traditional Tex-Mex restaurant of all. The enchiladas are not only covered in thick chili, but it's also some of the best Texas chili con carne in town.