John Watson

  • 1100 Main Street
  • Fort Worth, TX 76102
  • 817-614-4013
  • Region: Production Directory

Production Medic “Queen of the South” Fox 2016
Production Medic “Master Chef Junior” auditions Houston TX Fox 2015
Production Medic “Stealing America” Had Enough 2015
Production Medic “Fast and Loud” Discovery TV 2015
Production/ Construction Medic “11/22/63” Warner Brothers TV Mini Series 2015
Production Medic “Texas Flip N Move” seasons 2 and 3 HGTV 2015
Construction Medic “Mama Dallas” 2015
Production/ Construction Medic “Frankenstein” HBO 2015
Production Medic “Carter High” Play Now Enterprise Movie 2014
Rescue Swimmer ATT Commercial 2014
Production Safety Officer Castrol Commercial 2014
Production Medic Mazda Commercial 2014
Production Medic “Sunny in the Dark” independent film 2014
Production Medic “Dallas” TV series 2014 (day play)
Construction Medic “Two to Go” 2014 NBC Pilot