Marlo Clingman

  • 703-731-0871
Job Roles
Industry Profile

Production - Production Assistant
2016: Misfit Garage - Pilgrim Studios (Reality TV)
2015: Better Late Than Never - Open 4 Business Productions (Reality TV)
2015: Cold Justice 3 - Magical Elves (Reality TV)
2015: Dollars and Sense Season 1 - Catwalk Productions (Reality TV)
2015: Frankenstein - 20th Century Fox (TV Pilot)
2015: So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 - Dance Nation Entertainment (Reality TV)
2015: Texas Flip N Move - Quail TV (Reality TV)

  • Production Assistant

Production assistant based out of Arlington, TX. Willing to travel & work as a local in DC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago. B.A. Theatre and Cinema (Virginia Tech) M.S. Entertainment Business (Full Sail University) Experience in: stage management, front of house, event supervision, acting, casting.