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Oakland Lake Park

  • 1645 Lake Shore D
  • Fort Worth, TX 76103
  • Region: East Fort Worth
  • Phone: (817) 392-5757

Oakland Lake Park is a small, hilly park on Fort Worth's East Side. A paved trail meanders for a couple miles around a peaceful little lake surrounded by oak and elm covered hills. It is a birdwatcher's paradise. The birds, like ducks and geese, are quite the food burglars. Many park visitors come armed with bread to feed the birds. During summer you'll see a lot of turtles, at times you'll come up on one on the paved trail that will startle you as it races off. Yes, when motivated, turtles move fast, despite myth and legend. A big rock shelter with picnic tables and boarded up fireplaces is a popular place for BBQs, with some folks hauling in big BBQers that smell very good when in action.