SpiderCircle Films

Geoff McGee

Job Roles
Industry Profile

Camera - Assistant Camera
2010: Earthling - Well Tailored Films (Feature)
2010: Last Words - Merging Films (Short)
2009: Long Journey Home - Top Pup Media (Short)

Directors - Director
2011: Neal - SpiderCircle Films (Short)
2010: Kill the Dance Floor “Montreal” - SpiderCircle Films (Music Video)
2009: Beautiful Exposure - SpiderCircle Films (Short)

Directors - First Assistant Director
2012: Miokay - Erik Ross Pictures (Commercial)
2012: The 82 Peddler - Lone Star Cyclops Films (Short)
2011: The Agenda - Grant Michael Productions (Short)

Editorial / Post Production - Editor
2012: Little Miss Mischief - Moondancer Entertainment (Short)
2012: Stryngs - SpiderCircle Films (Short)
2011: Neal - SpiderCircle Films (Short)

Grip - Grip
2014: Dallas - Warner Horizon Television (TV Series)
2009: BFZ - Barrel Suit Productions (Short)
2007: Hazmat J & the Birth of the Apocalypse - Art Asylum Productions (Short)

Production - Producer
2012: Stryngs - SpiderCircle Films (Short)
2012: The 82 Peddler - Lone Star Cyclops Films (Short)
2011: Neal - SpiderCircle Films (Short)

Production - Production Assistant
2010: Zero One - Grey Area Filmworks (Feature)
2008: Losing Faith - Show Up Productions (Feature)
2008: Platonic Bomb - Poorchild Films (Short)

  • Director
  • Assistant Camera
  • Editor
  • First Assistant Director
  • Grip
  • Producer
  • Production Assistant

SpiderCircle Films is a Euless, Texas motion picture Production Company dedicated to creating independent films to the fullest quality & potential. Filmmaker Geoff McGee who specializes in directing, producing, editing, lighting, & camera operates SpiderCircle Films. Our films have screened the nation including SXSW, Dallas Int’l Film Fest, Big Apple Film Fest, & St. Louis Int’l Film Fest. Our short film "Neal” continues to thrive at film fests & coming soon are "The 82 Peddler", & "Stryngs".; Panavision, Cinelease, University of Texas at Arlington; Moondancer Entertainment; F5 Productions; Zero Transfat Productions; Well Tailored Films; Grey Area Filmworks; Dallas Screenwriters Association; Texas Motion Picture of Alliance; Dallas Producers Association; Dallas Film Society; Lone Star Film Society; Mike's Video Transfer; MPS Studios, Austin Film Society